Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hauz of Beca

Hauz of BECA
So I stumbled on a Hauz of Beca recently. I believe it has a lot to offer the fashion industry in Nigeria. Don't get me wrong. I still hate fashion. So you can imagine how much I believe in Beca. Here is a quick view into the world of Hauz of Beca. Please enjoy.

Can we meet you?
Beca: My names are Awokoya Kevin Bidemi the CEO Hauz of BECA, I see myself as an upcoming fashion designer who has a knack for beauty and creativity in fashion. I love everything about clothes and accessories and offer fashion advice and make outfit that make people stand out and be confident. My drive for fashion started as early as my teething years, following trends of designers such as Alexander Mcqeen, Vera Wang, Haus of Belmain and more recently Louis Vuitton, which has really broadened my perceptive about aesthetics. I have been able to discover myself through  these models and have successfully found an identity which polarizes and distinguishes Hauz of BECA from other designers.

What is Hauz of Beca?
Beca: Hauz of BECA is a clothing that turns creativity and passion into visible results. The vision for Hauz of BECA was born out of the love for aesthetics and passion for expression through fashion. This passion for  beauty and creative art stirred up the enthusiasm that helped the realization of this clothing line. Hauz of BECA is a clear reflection of my personality which suggests spontaneity, elegance, loudness and social grace. My designs cut across several other personalities from diverse region  which are imbibed to bring about the best musings for credible designs.
     Hauz of BECA is in its infant stage, but more interestingly, we possess the originality of our African roots, as my designs also reflect  “Africanness” as well as other extemporaneous attitudes which suggest crazy, wild and gaga inspired designs.

     <---------------I like this guys pose. So folks, and Fashion lovers, keep a sharp eye out for this Fashion House because soon.....