Friday, October 25, 2013

Orchestra - A #hat post

The orchestra is a level where your music compositions start to play and you fall in love with music. When it's hot enough, the music remains for a long while in your head.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Safe

Ali was pissed. The code to the safe did not work. He had been assured by Area Commander(AC) that the code was correct. How can it not work? He entered it again for the 3rd time. The red LED started to blink. He waited. Maybe it was programmed to open this way. After waiting for 30 blinks, nothing happened.

Or rather nothing Ali wanted to happen happened, instead a part of the wall opened, and the safe slid through. He watched with panic as inch thick metal panels slid over the safe, taking it from his reach.
He knew he was fucked. Not yet. An alarm must have been triggered. The military police will be here soon and the owner of the safe even sooner. He looked around at the bare room and wondered where the best place to hide would be. Who decorates a room this bare? Who keeps a safe of Confidential Files in such a room? He did not know much about who AC told him to work. All he know was some files needed to be recovered. They ran him through the works and sent him in.

He felt tested. Was this a test from the Commander. This must be the Commander’s way of getting rid of him. Why? He couldn't figure.

At that moment, he took note of a camera's LED blinking. It wasn't there before. He knew he  checked the room well before approaching the safe. It must have come out after the safe went in. He was on camera for sure so that left one option. Fight his way through this when the General that owned this place got here. His thoughts immediately flashed to the beatings he will go through. It will be terror. He had to escape. Or die trying. He remembered tales of gore, torment, and mind shredding pain from people who had experienced the interrogation sessions in Abati barracks, Kafachan, (even though it was all hearing). He would have to battle his way through this. The door of the room open and he braced himself for what was to come. 
"If I die today, I know I will die hard, I am definitely taking at least 10 of them today"

The door opened and he crouched, one hand working its way towards his belt where his piece was sheathed. He bent his knee to feel the reassuring point of the 6 inch blade he kept in his boots. Joshua’s Knife. He had changed guns throughout his career but never that knife.

She was almost perfect. The only thing she did not have on was an anklet. His heart rate first went dead, like he skipped a beat or a beat skipped him, then it started pumping all four liters of blood throughout his body. He did not even know what to say. They just stood there and looked at each other. This was going to be his killer. She closed the door and dropped what was in her hands. She did not say a word. He did not either. Not because he did not have any fancy commando words to say. It’s more like she commanded no words from him. Just like that. It felt like an army of samurais walked in with her. The room felt full and yet there was only two of them.

Finally she spoke,
"Very long day at the office today, you won't believe the regional MD quit this morning. Men! Never reliable. But I'm guessing you know that already. Here help me out of this. Can you hear me? Are you deaf? Why are you looking at me like that? Do you speak English? Are you Hausa? Am I not talking to you?!!"

At this point he snapped out of his reverie, this woman was talking to him like... like... he did not have what to compare with. All he did was allow the training in him to take over, pointing his gun towards her and clicking the safety off,
"Stop what you are doing, get on your knees and put your hands up"

She looked alarmed when he brought the gun out but seemed to relax when he pointed it at her and clicked the safety off.

She looked at him like Yokozuna must have looked at Pawpaw challenging him to a sumo fight. Confused, thinking, finally agree it’s all a joke and smile.

Ali was mad. Mad because a woman who would look a gun casually like she did was going to be something and if he did not snap out of her spell and do something (shoot her!!!), he would be coming out of here on a trolley, or worse still half alive into the cell at the barracks.

She smiled, helped herself to a chair and proceeded to remove her scandals. Something about sandals and women. She smiled. His hands started to get wet and shake. He found he couldn't hold the gun steady. Worse still, he was likely to pull the trigger. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he allowed the training take over again. Analyse the situation. Access yourself and your surroundings. What is different now? Feel with your senses, conclude with your brain.

Ali was shocked when he noticed it. How? What could this mean?

He was having an erection.

It was then he smelt it. The smell. He had heard of people who smell death when it comes, and he started to wonder how death could smell so good, so sweet, so familiar. He looked at her. She had been looking at him all through like she was waiting for him to figure it out. He looked in her eyes and saw it. Her eyes set sparks to the smell of arousal that was gradually filling the room. It was an explosion of intentions and suspicions. He was reminded again of the feeling of the room being filled up. Surely, she can't be the only one releasing this. He was inhaling the sweet scent of her arousal greedily and he was beginning to feel stirrings.

"So what made the day long", he asked her.

He relaxed and pointed the gun away from her. The resilient part of his brain was warning him about women and their disarming ways. Surely he wasn't about to get in bed with the enemy.

Who said anything about getting in bed, Ali thought, his training sending height, weight, strength information to his brain about the chair she sat on and the table beside it.

She smiled and replied him standing up "I am now managing my department and his own till a suitable replacement can be found. It took me over 8 hours to fully grasp his way of running things and I have to say I am very tired and right now I can't be bothered about anything. Including the fact you just tried to rob me".

A bit surprised about that statement, he saw it again. She's still the enemy. What is she playing at?

He took a step back as a picture flashed. But it did not make sense, so he shook the reason of 'Rape' out of his mind.

Why should anybody want to set him up with rape?

What if she's covering up a pregnancy?

Silvia stood some seconds before that thought and dropped her robe. He was staring at a woman. As in its like you see a giraffe on the road in day light. Everything you see tells you this is a woman. One in a ripe and fertile age. He couldn’t remember if women get horny during pregnancy. He hated biology because of Hauwa.

He was about to ask a question when she said "I won't report you to those boys if you do me one favour".

He knew what the favour was but at that time he was sure he wasn't going to do it. There was no way he would with her. She's lying to him. She is going to tempt him, then hand his ass over to the boys. She probably had a whistle somewhere and was going to trap him and get to it.

"Just sleep with me on my bed"

He had begin to say "No, I ccc.."

Then, he had the idea to play along with her and sleep with her.

He answered her "Yes".

She looked disappointed but shrugged it off like 'What the hell, let's do this' and got into bed.

He had hoped for something all different. In it, he hoped they wouldn't be going to the bed yet. So he told her to first dance and have a shower.

She reluctantly agreed but agreed when he started to take his cloths off. His member seemed to be acting the part of ‘I’m only getting erect as part of the plan', Ali was sure. She then blurted out "No music". He already  knew this was going to be a problem and so expected them to both move out of that room together. Ali was now determined to steal the files he came for. He wanted to go across the room, down the hallway, up the stairs to the room at the top of the house. There was a study here. 
"Let’s go to the study upstairs, there should be some music we can dance to there".
"How do you know there is a study upstairs"
"It’s my job to know this things" Ali replied.

They got to the study, the walk had been a lengthy one for a home and a number of brushes had happened. His arms brushed her breasts, or was it they brushed his arms. She led the way so she could turn back and explain something in detail to him. It was like she was having a friend over. So on occasion she will 'stop' suddenly to adjust something or show him something or examine something. This wasn't any bother to him as he was thinking and planning well but the thing is she wasn't in her robe, she left it (against his eyes looking at her in protest). So here he was walking with a woman that smelt sweet, looked edible and was bumping into his tight chinos for this job. He did not even understand how his member could even respond to this ‘accidental bumps where she held him so as not to fall’. Two heads, four liters of blood. He was in a confused state when they got to the study. Elegantly designed with art, paintings and books. Her father must be very learned as well as strong.

She opened the door, they stepped in, she closed it and locked it.

Damn paranoid woman.

She put the key in her mouth and walked to her bed to get her remote. She got it raised her hand towards him and the music came on.

He smiled when he heard the intro of the song. That he could hear Black Magic’s ‘Repete’ this far north hadn't occurred to him.

"I love this jam so much I play it everywhere".

Ali acted like he did not know the song. She got out of bed and catwalked towards him. Her hips swayed but not like a model on broadway. It was still like someone who had spent long hours in a military camp. He really liked how she looked at that moment and for maybe that reason he put his hand out to her waist just as she got within a step from him and took her in a hug. Her budding nuts on his chest, he dove for her lips and kissed her. She fought him at first, then she let go and he kissed her. He kissed her warily and she kissed him with a passion that was at first hot then it went cold. She broke the kiss with a smile, turned her back to him, put his hands around her and they started to dance.

His eyes started to rover round the room, where could the safe be.

"Please don't ruin the moment by still trying to rob me, let's just enjoy this for now"

He went limp for a second, finally relaxed and continued dancing with her. And dancing. After the 3rd song, she put her hand on her crotch and started to rub it. She rubbed it while gyrating her ass on him.

He  had never judged men who fell to seduction, as he dropped the plans to finding the files. He instead removed her hand and put his in instead.

 "Let's do shower now".

Ali felt they would have to move to a room but she pointed to a door in a corner and inside was a bathroom. They entered.

 "Do I have to strip you?"

"I was hoping you were going to rip them off'".

She frowned, "I'm not that horny".

He removed his top. She helped him. He stepped on his rubber soled shoes to remove them. They got to his belt at the same time. She told him to allow her. He told her to start up the shower for them. He needed a word with his member.

She winked and left him to him. She reduced the temperature. He licked his lips at where that was going. The music was playing here and so she continued dancing. Chris Brown's 'Take My Time' was well in its middle as she started to feel the heat loss of the water. She caught the water like she was trying to rub out the dying heat to her. He looked, entranced, as she put her hands into her pants. He figured women like her would wear a thong or some sexy lingerie to work but instead she wore one with a doll. It might mean something about what type of person she was but he did not know and he did not really care as much at the moment. She started to touch her nipples. She tweaked them like an electrician will straighten wire before connecting. Straightening means the current flowed the right way. He smelt her arousal again through the water. He felt the stirring in his member again and pulled his chinos down. She opened her eyes here, closed it, and turned her back to him. He was in the shower and behind her in 3 steps. Chest on her back, pelvic bone to her lower back and the outline of his member fitting into the middle of her buns. He felt the cold water invade the tension in his muscles and relax him. His member twitched and fought the release of tension but soon relaxed. He took breaths through his mouth as the water had his nose. He closed his eyes, and reached for her neck. His lips on her neck, he bared his teeth and took a grazing bite, testing flesh.

She twitched.

"I don't like tickles".

"I do", Ali says as he did it again, his hands holding her. "You will enjoy it if you stay steady through it".

"I can’t stay still, stop joo".

He withdrew his lips, paused a bit and cupped her breasts. He felt the water get very cold now and he pressed into her for heat. Her hand brushed his member. She started to stroke it. Soon she put her hands into his boxers and bring it out, using her hand, she pulled his boxers down to his knees and stroked him all the way. He responded to her touches and nipped at her ears and neck again.  He turned her to face him and start to kiss her. They sucked passionately in the warmth of their mouth, finding the best position to get the sweetest part of the kiss.  Just when he thought he was having the best of the kiss, she pulled her tongue back along with his and his tongue fell in between her jaws. She bit him. Red, hot, pain erupted from the bite and it felt like there was blood in his mouth. Her tongue quickly found the bit tongue and sucked on the warmth from the bite, soothing the pain she caused while smiling at him. He smiled at her back and enjoyed the soothing of the pain. When they finished it, he bit her. He was hesitant to hurt her so the bite wasn't as strong as the one she gave him. She didn't share. He smiled again, tweaked her nipples and pushed with his tongue. By the time she realized she just opened her mouth to moan, he had slipped into her mouth, and given the tip of her tongue a bite just before she swallowed it again. The bite was painful. It extended to the sides. She rubbed her tongue with her teeth and opened up for his tongue. He stalled and let her tongue find his own. She pushed him to the wall and started to trail her tongue from his mouth to the blood vein in his neck, "You like tickles abi" and slowly down to his nipples. She was an expert at this. He groaned and she left the nipples and continued her journey down south. She paused at his belly button, flicked her bobbing, teasing tongue on his pac line causing his insides to roll over with each flick. Then she came to the tip, kissed it and took it into her hot mouth. She brought it out again into the cold water and returned it into her mouth. She did this till her mouth temperature thermised. She then delivered other military routines were above his security clearance level.

His mouth was getting dry, he licked his lips. He took her nipples in his fingers and dialled gently, he stopped when he got a groan from her lips. She looked at him and smiled. He  saw his  moment and took it. He stopped her as she opened to take him again, bring her to her feet and nudge her to the side of the shower.  He put her legs together, looking into her eyes while pulling her silly girl panties down. He put his hand in between her legs and felt the heat coming from there. He put one finger in to test the temperature. She moaned and sucked it in. Either she did not want to share her inner warmth or the finger was cold and she wanted to warm it. He kissed her for a long time playing with that finger inside her. He bit down on her neck and used his tongue to write military codes. She lashed at his neck in the passion and also bit into his neck. He smiled and moved on to her breasts. Taking the right one, he went for the nipple at once. Hearing her gasp, he swirl them round in his mouth while biting gently. He moved his hand to her other breast and traced the outline of the nipple in a spiral to the tip and then stopped just as he almost touched it. He now ran his hands round it in spirals moving away from her tip. He continued sucking her right nipple, flicking it with his tongue and rubbing the dial button.

He stopped on her right and licked his way to her left nipple. It was warm and responded by hardening more. He licked it roughly then slowly then roughly. She started to rub her crotch on his base. After a while he stopped, spread her legs apart and went for her base. He licked it in a circle and went in a spiral inward to her hooded button. He stopped once he touched it with his tongue. He removed his tongue and touched it with his finger. He then replaced it with his tongue, before moving to her lips. He opened her with his tongue, opening more on each pendulum swing till he reached her hood again.

...He then inserted his tongue in her....

...She clamped her legs over his head...

...You are suffocating me...

...He held her legs away from his head and continued probing...

....She went in a murderous squeeze with her legs and calmed down breathing hard...

....He looked at her with a grin. She looked at him with a murderous intent....

...She pushed him into a sitting position and took him in her mouth....

...She was damn too good at this...

...He was about to go(or is it come)...

...He pushed her head away and told her he wasn't ready to spill...

...They found their way to the bed...

...Entered in a spoon position...

...Playing with her nipples....

...Switched with her on top....

...She had long deep squats....

...At the edge of the bed "you remind me of my Mohammed"...

...On the chair...legs in the air...

...She pushing back on his member in the shower...

... On the staircase going to the kitchen...

...She did not like the idea of ice cubes in her lady parts....

....On the kitchen top...

...On the chest freezer...

....With the fridge door open...

...Back in the shower...

He jerked once more and exhaled, the sight in front of him was of her sweaty body and her nipples shooting out. She looked like she was returning into her body and slowly becoming aware of her surroundings. She licked her lips twice and did not want it to end. Ali hoped it was him she was seeing in her mind. And not Mohammed. Not like he minded however. She opened her eye and asked "do you smoke"?


"Got any sticks?"

"No, apart from the one in you".

They smiled at the joke. He started to get up but she told him to just lay on her. He covered as much of her as he could. He reached out with his tongue and barely touched the left ear. She opened her eyes.

"Are you still going to rob me?"

"I don't know. I've never been fucked by someone I wanted to rob before".

"So this is not your first time?"

"It is. I can see why robbers don’t quit when they are ahead though".

"How many women do you think seduce robbers like I did".

"Just you".


"So what is it you did?"

"I played out a fantasy".

"Fanta... You have a rape fantasy?"

"No, I wanted to have sex with a robber".


"I don’t want to talk about it".

"You can have sex with me but you can’t tell me your fantasy? Or rather explain the fantasy?"


Ali shook his head. "I can see why Mohammed left you"

She went stiff, moved away from him while turning back to slap him. He caught her as she was swinging her hands and struggled to keep her calm. She said nothing and went mute for some seconds.
"When I was 19, I was an innocent girl in UniAbuja. Then one night, robbers attacked our hostel. Out of all the girls there, girls who had experience in these things, bad girls. The robbers picked me. It's like they could smell my innocence. I was used that night and for a long while I was useless. My dad swore he will find the robbers and kill them, my mom sent me to Uni in France where I healed. Fortunately, my roommate was into all sorts of things. I got healed and turned my nightmare into a fantasy. And here we are".

Ali was confused. "But I don't get, you've been waiting for someone to rob you? How do you know the person won't be like the first?"

"Your Area Commander is a long friend of my dad and he was my guardian in France. I confide many things in him and he helps me achieve things. By the way I'm the regional manager who I said quit and not the head manager. And there's no Confidential file in any safe"

He was speechless. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed. He smiled and bit her ear softly. He was worn out. He slept off.
He woke up as his wrist watch's alarm came on at 6:16. He climbed out(of her), from on top of her, got dressed and left the apartment how he came. Now it was morning, his paranoia came back. He couldn't believe he wasn't set up (a sweet set up but still a set up) and that someone wasn't going to jump him soon. All this had been an arrangement. She had a robber fetish and the Area Commander assigned him to play it out. How is he going to look that old man in the eye now. What do you even say when reporting this kind of mission?

He hailed a cab three streets away and just as he got in, his phone beeped. He did not know the number. He opened the message and read,

"Forget anything?"

He felt in his pocket and didn't know what.

The phone beeped and dropped. He stretched to retrieve it and felt what was missing.

He sat up, opened the message.

"I'm home all day".

He smiled as he told the cabman to turn around.

"Haba, where to Oga"

"Abeg reach Jevinik first. I won chow. I dey hungry".

He replied "On my way".

He wasn't going to leave Joshua's knife with her.