Monday, October 18, 2010


OK this is a continuation of my inception post..
i am writing this .......
ok on my bed in school..
this is how im sure im not in school..with the noise,troubles,hunger etc
btw b4 comin to school,itravelled to abuja..thn is i wanted to travel around that time to abuja but put if off for reasons so when i saw myself at the airport and about to board a cab..i convinced myself i wasnt dreamin. i slapped,pinched myself and did not wake up so i was convinced i wasnt dreaming..
then i started to ask..
y did u come?
what r u lookin for?
dint find a single answer to this questions..
so i was annoyed beyond beyond..
got to my hotel..checked in and checked out immediately..
got to the airport and went back to lagos
then got to my house......
just to wake up as my roommates entered the room and i found out i was dreaming...
there was this total body relieve and ease of tension through me...
i stand to doubt that i wasnt incepted...
ok bye....

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