Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Christine Ben-Ameh - My Daddy

This is a very very soulful, deep and lovely song by Christine Ben-Ameh. This one comes straight from her heart as you can see and that's something we don't see nowadays in most Nigerian acts. She does this one for her Daddy, a man I believe and know to be a very huge inspiration, rock and guardian in her life(as well as in the life of the kids he took in and cares for).

I listened to this song and I appreciated my dad some more (even though this morning we .... ). Anyways, listen and share if you like to.

Here's to our daddies!!!

And here's to us being better daddies for our lil ones.

Which reminds me... I want to have seven daughters.


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Samuel Ibrahim said...

Seven daughters....awesome! That's really big, I pray you have them and enjoy all the happiness and pride they'd bring to you as a father. As for me, I just know I desperately want to have at least one daughter, considering how I've fallen for my beautiful niece, Queen.

And I agree with you completely, Christine rocks. "My Daddy" is a lovely song.