Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Good day,                             
I heard of a story back then...
About Benny Hinn.
He was in a village as a missionary,
A very very poor village.
They had lil’ food,
They had no more money.
So, come Sunday,
In the House of the Lord,
After all the praying and singing,
And preaching and of course,
More prayer for their condition,
Benny wouldn’t collect offering.
And this went on for a while,
Until Benny asked God,
“Why, what is going on? Don’t they pray enough, praise You enough”?
To which God replied,
“You are the reason for their poor state”,
I can’t imagine what Benny would have thought at that moment.
I’d be so sad and ashamed I’ve been found wanting by God.
Benny in a confused state (anyone will be in one) asked God how he was the cause of their poor state.
God replied “You don’t help them give. You don’t collect offerings and so they remain the way they are”.
We often hear amounts and accounts of ‘crazy giving’ asked for /from the congregation,
And we wonder how someone will actually comply and give.
Or we see things like poor congregation, rich pastor (or well packaged pastor),
And we point fingers and say that isn’t right.
I’m with you on that thought. It doesn’t look right.
But then I know giving isn’t a man thing.
Especially when it’s to God,
I see it as God owes me,
And that is just a ‘placard to have about saying ‘God owes me’’
And God always pays exceedingly more abi?
Then we agree God sees all,
as in all, everything, gbo gbo e,
So please explain why you find it hard (and utterly suspicious) to give your pastor money
(to hold for God),
Is it your money after you have dropped it?
No be God get am?
Sorry mate, this isn’t your cross.
All you know is God owes one,
And God will always pay. ... .
So if your mind tells you that pastor is shady, please don’t give offering. But PLEASE also, don’t spread the gospel of ‘rich pastor, poor congregation’ etc. Preach the Gospel of GIVING as Jesus did for us.

*pockets offering to give baba by the junction*

Please the post should be read with an open objective mind as I’m neither endorsing pastors asking  for(and telling people) to give in ‘outrageous’ amounts..... or saying you should close your eye and give somewhere you are ‘convinced’ the pastor is shady or whatever else besides what is written in plain ink.

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