Wednesday, November 7, 2012


At first, I thought I was the only one. Then, sure as I knew I wasn't, my brothers began to show around me.
We were the chosen of our Kind, to bring fame and honor to our Kings from old.  We never failed. But that was then. Then when we fought against men of our race, Our own skin, Our own round world. For now, even though noone showed it, That in itself was showing clearly, The anxiousness of not knowing your enemy. The ease with which the Lads had prepared, Before other battles where they were not chosen, Wasn't evident before we left.  There had been no tiddy bitty about the 'others'.

The cry was given. And we started to run.
Run, we ran towards where our steady gps, Beeped us to run.  Soon and clearly, we saw the clouds they evolked off in their race. Swords abalzing, hats charging forward, We had come across our 1st group. The Mexicans, No ordinary features.  They stopped and looked us over.  Each race had their 1st representatives step out. The race had to continue. So teams agreed to drop people off to fight and catch up if possible.
We were about moving off when we heard the next group grope into view.
With their square jaws and broad shoulders,
The Germans looked fearsome.

The Mexicans and we knew we had to collaborate this time and so the two races joined together their next assault team and the rest along with the Germans continued.

As is usual in this games, when there are three. The rule of odd begins to apply and immediately, it is best to watch one's old friend than the new one.
Hence, when the Mexican came to attack our own 'chosen', we killed theirs and destroyed the Mexican ambition. The chosen is one who will break into the Dome of life. He has been chosen to sacrifice himself for life. The race which got to bring life was crowned Abraham. Each team usually fought all the way just so the 'chosen' had a chance. The Mexicans were gone and the Dome came into view. Getting there, we saw the Lebanese already drilling their way in for the chosen one. Quick as can be though, both sides swung at each other and started to fight for his race's honor. I swung and swung and chopped and axed and I was in front of my 'chosen'. His face was cut above his right eye and he was dropping dead at the moment. I clutched him and looked into his eye, 'Chosen Bashir, you can't do this'. He looked me and said 'yes, I can' and swinging with his sword he cut out the piece of his staff holding the great Gene of our race, placed it in my hand and told me go. I knew what was required of me immediately and so I ran and dodged and moved and went through fire till I reached the wall of the dome. We had all been taught though, the secret way to entering the dome. A secret I intend to keep too. I am writing this from inside the outer dome. I will go on inside now and bring honor to my race.
"Madam, you are pregnant"
"Really doctor, it worked"
"Yes maam, it worked"
"Thank God"
"And science for artificial insermination"
"So which of them worked? Is my baby going to be a Mexican or German or Lebanese or a typical Lagosian?"
"We will just have to wait find out maam"

"Eko oni baje"

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